About The Grind House

The Grind House is a coffee truck, primarily located in Charles County, Maryland. The Grind House derives its name from its owners love for hard work and coffee. The name, The Grind House has a two fold meaning; grind as in hard work and grind as in coffee grind.

The mission is to serve the community with great coffee and excellent customer service while encouraging people to pursue their dreams.

The coffee truck features a full menu of moderately priced coffee, espresso drinks, hot and cold teas, sandwiches, salads, and bagels. The unique features of the Grind House coffee truck will benefit and support local businesses to include advertisement opportunities, partnerships, and alliances.

I started The Grind House because I wanted people to experience the two things I love the most; coffee and hard work! The Grind House was created to bring people together byway of a great tasting cup of coffee.

Brittany Yates, CEO
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